Coming of Age Should be a Fun Experience

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Life Skills App Makes it Easy for Adolescents to Learn the Essential Skills for Navigating their Teenage Years

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Coming of Age

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Adolescence is a confusing time for most teens; they go through drastic physical, emotional & mental transition. Without a dependable guide or support system, navigating adolescence can be needlessly complicated and have wellbeing consequences that could permeate into adulthood

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Life Skills App


Content Library

The Life Skills App uses interactive tools such as mini-games, slides, forums, polls and more to engage adolescents on matters relating to their overall wellbeing.


Virtual Counselling

Using Digital Guidance & Counselling tools, adolescents can seek reliable counsels from mentors and experts on matters that weigh on their minds


Smart Support

Data analytics tools like polls empower counsellors and school administrators to identify adolescent learning needs and craft learning interventions that fulfils them.



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A structured content module designed to equip adolescent with relevant knowledge in digestible bits.


Content Modules

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Online Safety

This module will empower your students to be safe online as they learn to protect their identity online, detect, outsmart and report online groomers and take action against cyber bullying

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